App Marketing for iPhone, Android

App MarketingApp Marketing for iPhone, Android

It is also crucial to understand which app categories are garnering the most consumer attention, and also how different global mobile trends can affect your app's visibility in different countries. It's worth looking at the top app categories for Google Play and iOS, since users sometimes browse through category pages for apps to download. There are a number of benefits to featuring your app on a global scale, as many markets have idiosyncrasies that make them difficult to target forcing developers to think beyond the bounds of the two principal app stores, Google Play and iOS. Perhaps one of the simplest techniques for upping overseas app downloads is location or internationalization, which basically involves reworking your app to fit into a local market, with the most obvious step but far from the only one being to translate your app into the native language.

our experienced app marketing team will create a bespoke app marketing strategy to suit your app and its target audience.

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